Are Your Motorcycle Goggles Or Glasses Safe Enough For You?

Whether you ride your motorcycle for fun or as a primary mode of transportation, having the ability to see clearly on the road is essential. But if your eye goggles or glasses don’t have the right safety features, they can disrupt your ability to focus and see at night, including stop signs, pedestrians and other vehicles. If you suffer from dry eyes or ill-fitting motorcycle eye goggles or glasses, speak to your eye doctor about prescription motorcycle glasses. An eye doctor can work with an optical lab to create vision wear that not only protects your eyes but improves your ability to ride safely. Here are things to know about motorcycle eye wear and what you and eye specialists can do to protect your vision. Why Are Your Current Motorcycle Glasses or Goggles Unsafe? If you currently wear motorcycle eyewear purchased online or from a brick and mortar store, you may not have the protection your need to ride safely. Your eyewear may not come with the features you need to ride legally and safely on the road, such as Continue Reading →

Recently Prescribed Bifocals? How Can You Prevent Them From Impacting Your Aim?

If you’re an avid marksman who enjoys hunting and target shooting, you may be dismayed at the news that you need bifocals, even wondering whether your shooting days are over for good. Unlike single-prescription lenses, which provide only one level of vision correction, bifocals include an additional magnifying lens embedded within the larger single lens. This dual-lens arrangement helps with reading and other activities that require clear close vision. However, accurately centering and aiming a rifle scope with bifocals can be a challenge, especially if you’re still getting used to these glasses. Are there any options that can allow you to shoot as accurately as before without compromising your vision? Read on to learn more about the best types of bifocals for those who frequently use firearms.  Why should you choose firearm-friendly bifocals for daily use rather than just at the shooting range? If you tend to relax and unwind with a trip to the shooting range, you may assume that a single pair of bifocals that you use only at the range should be sufficient to allow you to Continue Reading →